Safely motoring in your car depends upon a properly functioning exhaust system. If your exhaust leaks, a true hazard is created that can impact the person inside your vehicle’s passenger compartment. There exist some key signs that you need to be aware of that are indicative of a leaking exhaust.

A commonplace sign of a leaky exhaust is vibration. More often than not, a vibration associated with an exhaust leak occurs in the steering wheel, foot pedals, or car seat. Another more frequent sign of an exhaust leak is reduced gas mileage. You may notice the reduction in fuel efficiency increasing over time, and sometimes rather rapidly.

If you believe you’ve issues with your exhaust system if you think you have a leak, visit our comprehensive service center at Menard Auto Sales, Inc. Located in Ruma, IL, we will tend to any issue with your exhaust system you may face.

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